Why Allied Wellness?

Collaborating with GPs and Allied Health Practitioners to empower more patients to take better care of their Whole Body Health.

Chronic disease is Australia’s biggest health challenge and education is a vital part of prevention, management and treatment.

To help, Allied Wellness offers a suite of print, digital and video resources for healthcare professionals to share with patients. These evidence-based tools are designed to raise awareness about the widely-accepted lifestyle and wellness principles of:




   Stress Management


The combination of your clinical practice and these educational resources will help patients establish sustainable lifestyle changes.


  • Cover important lifestyle factors quickly and easily
  • Increase your ability to focus on long-term, preventative health
  • Add value to your patients’ experience at your clinic
  • Achieve better patient engagement, compliance and outcomes
  • Improve patient retention and positive word of mount
  • Have an impact on community and global health.

Interested in the Fundamentals of Healing Program?

Why we’re different

Allied Wellness is on a mission to improve people’s long-term health and wellbeing with the right education, support and belief. To do this we are:

Experienced: Founder, Kristi Boles has dedicated her 20-year career to clinical and natural healthcare and education. She is also the director and principal podiatrist at two Allied Health Clinics in Victoria.

Collaborative: Collectively we can impact communities – and the planet – to achieve better health. As a result, patient trust and life-long relationships will follow.

Proactive: This program empowers patients to make strong decisions for a healthier body and mind. The reason why we became healthcare professionals in the first place!

Sensitive: We understand the complexities of human health and personal circumstances. This program allows for the differences in everyone’s health journey.

Approachable: Ongoing connection and communication drives Allied Wellness to delve deep into the needs of both patients and health practitioners alike.

Committed: Allied Wellness is driven to make the delivery of whole body health education easy for practitioners and more accessible for patients.

What people are saying about Allied Wellness

This tool allows practitioners to easily provide and assess their patients in areas that need attention in practice. A fantastic tool, great initiative.

Dr Andrew Arnold

Chiropractor, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

When I asked patients to fill in the survey, they found it simple to follow and commented that it ‘got them thinking’ about their health.

Nicole Sutcliffe

Podiatry, MSE Podiatry

This program will allow health professionals to understand their patients’ needs more holistically, without feeling that we are operating out of our scope of practice.

Beth Mueller

Podiatry and Director, Heel and Toe Podiatry

Think the Fundamentals of Healing Program can help your patients?

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