The Science Behind Eating Your Veggies

Eating a varied diet of fresh produce can improve your health leaps and bounds, probably more than you think.

Hippocrates is considered the founder of medicine and is well known for saying:

            “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”

The Science Behind Eating Your Veggies

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These days there is so much nutritional science surrounding the benefits of so many foods that even simple vegetables like broccoli are now being considered a super food because of its complex nutritional profile and benefits for many systems in the body, especially the immune system.

The Science Behind Eating Your Veggies

Photo credit: Rainaldo Kevin

Nutrition plays a major role in immune function and nutrients such as vitamin A, zinc, folate, and selenium have fundamental responsibilities in regulating this system within the body. (14)

There is much research supporting Mediterranean and Japanese diets that are heavy in consumption of fruits and vegetables and are associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. (15) Poor nutrition is also associated with inflammation, which in turn can disrupt the body’s natural functioning and can lead to disease. (14)

The Science Behind Eating Your Veggies

Photo credit: Ella Olsson

Many health practitioners and clients alike are looking to nutritional medicine for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. (14-16) The field of nutritional medicine and its impact on health is ever evolving, from reducing the effects and risks associated with obesity, ageing, and other age-related diseases. (15, 16)

If you are unsure of where to start to get the most out of including more vegetables in your diet, start with including at least 2 vegetables with every meal and think of a rainbow of colours when deciding which ones to include.


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