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Read what GPs and Allied Health Practitioners think about the Fundamentals of Healing Program.

I have reviewed Kristi Boles Fundamentals of Healing Program and found it to be concise, simple and easy to implement in my practice. The basis of the program is quite ingenious.

These are fundamental principles often missed by treating practitioners due to time constraints and other priorities and yet they really are fundamental.

This tool allows practitioners to easily provide and assess their patients in areas that need attention in practice. A fantastic tool, great initiative.

Dr Andrew Arnold

Chiropractor, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

I found that the Program strengthens the bond between patient and practitioner, as the patient is intrigued that someone is willing to extend care to all areas of their general health.

I have found that once you take an interest in a patients overall health, they have more trust and confidence in you as a practitioner, they feel as though you care more and they are ultimately going to be more compliant and willing to return for further treatment with the long-term goal of improvement in overall health.

As a practitioner, this gives great satisfaction knowing you may open awareness to a small change in their lives, which may potentially lead to positive changes in general wellbeing and mental state, for a healthier and hence happier life.

Nicole Sutcliffe

Podiatry, MSE Podiatry

My first impression of the Allied Wellness Program was that it looks very professional, is well referenced and easy to read. 

When I asked patients to fill in the survey, they found it simple to follow and commented that it ‘got them thinking’ about their health. They also appreciated the information supplied to them.

My colleagues found the program material to have enough depth to be useful, yet simple and practical to use. 

This program will allow health professionals to understand their patients’ needs more holistically, without feeling that we are operating out of our scope of practice.

Beth Mueller

Podiatry and Director, Heel and Toe Podiatry

Allied Wellness Pty Ltd
PO Box 962, Berwick Vic 3806

Encouraging people to take control of their health and improve their wellbeing starts with the fundamentals.