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Movement that will motivate

Everyone knows how important exercise and movement is for the body, however finding the right type of exercise can be like finding the right practitioner. Here are some tips on finding a movement solution that works for you, your body and your lifestyle.

Movement that motivates | Allied Wellness

Podiatry Legends Podcast with Kristi Boles

In this episode of Podiatry Legends, Kristi openly talks about her sudden, unexpected health issues and also how she has transformed her own life, and that of her patients by being more aware of the fundamentals of healing and good health. 

Podiatry Legends Interview with Kristi Boles

The Beginner’s Guide to Staying Hydrated

Why you need water, how much you need to drink every day, and how to make sure you are getting enough. In this article, we'll discover what is the right amount of water for your body and how to easily ensure you stay hydrated for optimum health.

Beginner's Guide to Hydration

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