Alive21 TGR Retreat

14-16 May 2021
Tootgarook, Victoria

Learn self-care and self-love practices. Most of all – start your healing journey.

Rest • Revive • ˙Have fun • Laugh • Love • Connect •  Indulge • Dance like nobody is watching • Chill by the fire • Listen to tunes • Explore your life past.


A My WholeBodyHealth Event

LOVE conquers all dark attachments

Welcome to a weekend of YES!

We welcome ALL who should be here.

I need to be straight with you from the beginning… I am a divine being! I am a physical, spiritual and sexual healer for ALL and also for no one. I do NOT heal you! I can’t and I won’t… so please leave that unrealistic expectation behind.

However this weekend will be one of healing, and you will be expected to participate and be ALL IN at ALL times as you go on your own healing journey. If you agree to do this then you can stay. If not I say a beautiful good bye to you now. Sorry, but you are not ready YET. Maybe soon… 💕

For those who do gather together for these few days, Gladnor in Tootgarook will be our home. My Pop (grandfather) built this home when I was a small girl. Now my father, Peter, owns it and takes great pride in its care, appearance and cleanliness. It is a special place for our family – and now for you… I know you will treat it with the respect and care that it deserves.

Settled into this safe, loving (and love-filled) space, this weekend will be an experience like no other. 

YES, there will be an opening ceremony. YES, we will enjoy the warmth and healing waters of the Peninsula Hot Springs. YES, there will be delicious, nutritious, heart-warming food. YES, there will be free time to do your own thing.

And yet, Alive21 is more than just an itinerary.

It is about LOVE and CONNECTION. You will be invited dance, sing, create and explore in ways that delve into the deepest parts of you. You will be required to let go of your inhibitions and dis-ease. You will be asked to go beyond the constraints of society and put behind you the expectations and demands of your family and friends while you are here, and explore what you are truly capable of.

You will be challenged to be ALIVE and HEAL yourself!!

Above all, you will delight in being ridiculous!!

Don’t believe me? “Let’s Get Ridiculous” is our theme song this weekend. Go on, play it NOW! And every time you hear it in the future, in the car, in your home, in a cafe or shopping centre, you will take the experiences of this weekend with you – dancing by the fire, upending yourself with yoga poses you can’t quite get into, laughing until it hurts, feeling safe and nurtured and totally LOVED!

And you will remember and reconnect with yourself and your healing.

Are you ready get ridiculous and be alive together forever?


Contact me today to book your place at the next Alive21 TGR retreat.


Friday evening

5-7pm Checkin
7pm sharp Opening Ceremony
7.30pm Supper
8pm onwards Chat by the firepit Optional: Breakout Education Sessions


6-7am 8-9am Buffet Breakfast on the deck
7.30am Peninsula Hot Springs experience (includes lunch)
2.00-7pm Free time Optional: Saturday Afternoon Fun
7pm Plant-based buffet dinner
8pm onwards Music and dancing by the firepit


6-8am Yoga on the beach Optional: Sleep in
8.30-9.30am Breakfast
10-11am Morning tea on the deck
11am-1pm Closing Ceremony
1.30pm St Andrews Brewery Alive21 TGR Retreat Celebration lunch

Please note: This retreat is only for participants who are ready to go on a journey of deep revival, recovery or healing. By attending, you consent for Kristi to hold space for you to do the work to achieve your life goals and purpose. If you do not feel ready for this journey, that is OK. This retreat is not for you right now.


(Includes Friday & Saturday night accommodation, all meals and scheduled activities)

Deluxe Queen
Single: $3500
Shared: $3300 p.p.

Premium Queen
Single: $2800
Shared: $2600 p.p.

Shorter Experiences
(Includes meals and scheduled activities)

Friday night – $300
Saturday day + evening – $800
Saturday day only – $600
St Andrews Brewery Celebration – $55 Adult, $20 Child

Enquiries & Bookings

To secure your place at the Alive21 TGR Retreat, please SMS Kristi on 0411 300 484 and she will get be in touch to discuss the right package for you.

Your Host – Kristi Boles

Kristi has dedicated her career to clinical and natural health care and education across multiple modalities. She is the founder of Allied Wellness, and director and principal podiatrist at two Allied Health clinics in Melbourne – Casey Allied Health and Patterson Allied Health & Wellness Centre

Kristi’s personal health journey took a turn in 2011. Open heart surgery and a diagnosis of Marfan Syndrome, taught her the value of taking a whole body approach to health. Learning to live with an incurable genetic condition set her on course to launch Allied Wellness in 2018. 

Her mission: “To empower people with the knowledge of how to achieve their best health with the right education, support and belief.”

Kristi Boles – Allied Wellness Director & Founder

Allied Health Practice Director | Integrated Nutrition Health Coach | Principle Podiatrist | Public Speaker
Registered Podiatrist – AHPRA registration board, Australian Podiatry Association, Sports Medicine Australia


Allied Wellness Pty Ltd
PO Box 962, Berwick Vic 3806