Fundamentals of Healing Program

An easy but effective way to address hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress management and movement with your patients.

This program is specifically designed to take little, to none, of your consultation time – but provide you with the whole health story of each patient.

The resources are based on information gathered from reputable, high-authority public sources. This means you don’t have to operate outside your scope of practise, but simply share this referenced material to help raise awareness about whole body health.

As a result of sharing the Fundamentals of Healing resources with your patients – which provide education on hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress management and movement – you can:

  • Cover important lifestyle factors quickly and easily
  • Increase your ability to focus on long-term, preventative health
  • Add value to your patients’ experience at your clinic
  • Achieve better patient engagement, compliance and outcomes
  • Improve patient retention and positive word of mount
  • Have an impact on global health.

What’s included

Allied Wellness Screening Tool

A short survey available in print or digital formats for patients to complete before a consultation. It covers the fundamental areas that affect quality of life so that practitioners can gain an immediate health overview.

Fundamentals of Healing Diary

A daily home-diary for patients to track their nutrition, hydration, movement and sleep. Practitioners can easily monitor patient progress and shortfalls.

Patient Education Booklet: 5 Proven Ways To Be Well

This patient guide outlines the science behind the 5 fundamental wellness and lifestyle principles. Plus, professional health recommendations on how to help speed up the healing process.

Health Resource Library

Member-only access to a collection of evidence-based research, journal articles, podcasts and more. Share relevant information with your patients to help educate and support them.

Educational Video Series

A short explainer video on each of the 5 fundamental areas of healing to share with patients. The common pitfalls, scientific research and professional health guidelines from relevant authorities.

Interested in the Fundamentals of Healing Program?

For a one-off payment of $A397 your practice receives life-long access to this suite of print, digital and video resources. Available soon.

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